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RDA Teknologi Indonesia (RoadsHill) offers technical studies at every phase in the life cycle of oil and gas fields from early exploration to development planning and project execution. Our resource of industry professionals consists of qualified subject matter experts with up to 20 years experiences in the areas of geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir geology, reservoir and production engineering with local global expertise and knowledge in petroleum conventional, unconventional and geothermal industry.


The Cegal Oil & Gas Workspace is an open integration platform for the oil and gas exploration and production industry. It allows for a complete user experience with flexible access to industry applications, data and consultancy. A scalable solution provided by high-end IT and cloud solutions and services that empowers your employees to perform optimally – supported by our World Class Service.


Geoteric’s best in class geological evaluation software clearly visualises your subsurface, allowing interpreters to combine their knowledge with the best possible picture throughout exploration, development and
production. Our suite of solutions has been designed to make the process of interpretation faster, more accurate and more insightful than ever before, supporting the delivery of safe and efficient operations.

Path Control

Leading Independent Third Party Relief Well Service Provider and Advanced Wellbore Survey Management company. PathControl have listened to the industry needs and has tailored its expertise, in-house dedicated methodology, proprietary software and patented, industry leading Passive Magnetic Ranging Technology solutions to successfully intersect first time and kill blowing oil and gas wells globally over the past eleven years.


Through innovation we deliver scalable software and high-value services for reservoir modelling and reservoir management, efficiently integrating static and dynamic data in repeatable modelling workflows.

Petroleum Experts

Petroleum Experts is the company’s petroleum engineering software tools enable the oil and gas industry to model dynamically their oil reservoirs, production and injection wells and surface pipeline networks as an integrated production system.


The essential pre & post – processor for reservoir modeling to accelerate and improve the quality of reservoir simulation workflow. Reservoir simulation processor which is more simple interface, ensure the quality check of your data by using our instant debugger and compatible with some simulator software ( Eclipse, IX, T-Nav, CMG, Nexus).

Global Geopressure Advice

Global Geopressure Adevice expertise in geopressure with combining basin studies, sedimentology, structural geology, drilling and geomechanics to provide an integrated, holistic service.

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